Skype For Content Creators Arriving This Summer

Skype For Content Creators Arriving This Summer

If you produce a podcast or run a live stream and have hoped for an easier way to feature guests then Microsoft has an answer for you. Via the still-in-testing mode Skype for Content Creators, you will be able to record your calls via Skype. From there creators can put the audio into whatever program is used for their shows and presentations.

Skype Allows For Guests To Start Conversations Without An Account

It will be possible to use Skype in tandem live with services such as YouTube, Twitch, and so on. If you prefer your content recorded for use in the future it looks as though the feature will be able to do that as well. This and YouTube’s “go live” feature look to be the start of several popular services and programs aim to get in on streaming content creation by simplifying the creation process in some way.

With Skype for Content Creators, podcast creation will still be a heavy task. Research, editing, scripting the show to fill a time limit, and more all go into it. However, with the addition of a feature like this, it will definitely open up more possibilities for creators who host their shows alone and even those with co-hosts and regular guests.

At the moment, Skype for Content Creators is still in preview mode but as will arrive sometime this summer.


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