Skype Introduces Read Receipts Feature

Skype Introduces Read Receipts Feature

Read receipts. It’s a new feature in Skype that will allow you to see when someone has read your message. You might be thinking “Twitter and iMessage have had this for a while” and you would be 100-percent correct. So why is Skype so late to the party? Who knows, maybe it was never deemed an important feature but is now considered one that it couldn’t hurt to include. Or perhaps it was intended to be a feature some time ago but could never be properly implemented.

Anyway, read receipts is active when someone reads a message. You are alerted that your message has been read via their avatar popping up in the conversation. It works for a group or personal conversations. In the case of group conversations, the feature works in groups as large as 20 people.

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Also important to note is that the read receipts feature works on both desktop and mobile versions of Skype. To use the feature, you’ll need to download preview build 8.26.76. Now, if this feature doesn’t really appeal to you it can be deactivated via your privacy settings. The read receipts feature is also disabled if you’re set to invisible. Of course, you won’t be able to use read receipts in this mode.

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