Snapchat Addresses New Years Eve Security Breach

Snapchat Addresses New Years Eve Security Breach

On New Year’s Eve, Snapchat was the target of a security breach that resulted in the theft of information of roughly 4.6 million accounts. On Thursday the company would go on to say that no media—pictures or videos—were affected by the attack. Absent from the blog post was something resembling an apology to users.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel in speaking with NBC’s Today Show said that he felt the company did enough at the time when it came to security. He went on to add, “In a business like this—one that’s moving so quickly—if you spend your time looking backwards, you’ll kill yourself.”

For that moment it’s possible that Snapchat did enough, that their security strength prior to the New Year’s Eve breach was enough to fend off whatever attacks came their way. One would expect that Snapchat would announce an update to security following breach as it’s of great concern to users. Instead the company mentioned a new update that having to do with the Find Friends feature.

It’s a given that Snapchat will update its defenses and release a statement to users on how the security of their information is also important to them and so, it’s just a matter of when this will occur.

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