Some of the best sports movies in the last decade

Some of the best sports movies in the last decade

In the past decade, there have been quite a number of sport movies that have done quite well in the box office. The reason as to why people love the sports movies is because they tend to be very inspiring and uplifting. Other than that, most of the sports movies are based on real life experiences. Normally, when such a movie is released, the tickets are sold within a few days.

Some of the top sports movies that everyone should watch:
· Remember the Titans, if you are looking for an inspirational movie then, look o further. The movie is based on a true story and it is about how a small town football team is inspired by their coach. Denzel Washington acts as the coach in the movie.

· Another great movie is ‘The Blind Side‘. The movie is also very inspirational and it is based on the book the blind side. The movie is quite inspirational especially to the less fortunate and tries to show people that everyone can make it as long as they have the talent.

· The Miracle is also another great sports movie that everyone should make a point of watching. The movie is also based on a true story and in fact one of the greatest moments in the American sports history. The movie was based on the Olympics held at the heights of Cold war in the year 1984. The story is about a group of young American hockey players that play against the Russians. The outcome of the game is quite unexpected and that is why the movie is called the miracle.

· ‘Million Dollar Baby‘ is one of the greatest movies of all times. The best thing about the movie is that it has been acted by some of the greatest actors in Hollywood. The actors include Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood and Hillary Swank who won the best actress Award for the film.

The list of great sports movies is endless and you can watch as many of them as you wish. However, not every sports movie will be inspirational or guaranteed to uplift you. If you are a coach or a parent who wants to inspire your team or children then, it is advisable that you look for a great movie especially one that is based on a true story. Most of the movies are very touching and can even make you shed a tear or two.

Before you decide to buy any box office theatre tickets, it is advisable that you go through the reviews to get more details about the movie. By going through the reviews you will know how people feel about the movie and whether it is worth your time. Another way you can tell how good a movie is would be by watching the previews. Usually, before a movie is released to the theatres you can see some of the previews online. You can go online to see some of the best sports movies that have won Awards.

Author Bio: This guest post is contributed by Lucy Daniel on behalf of box office, aspiring filmmaker and collector of super hero memorabilia! She also enjoy cooking and occasionally, sketching.

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