Some Xbox One Ambassadors Experiencing Disc Drive Failure

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Microsoft’s Xbox One launched in the U.S and twelve other countries to throngs of gamers who have been waiting for the console since its reveal this summer. However, much like the Wii U and PlayStation 4’s some early ambassadors are running into technical problems.

The most severe of these issues has to do with the disc drive.  Some users have reported loud, grinding sounds when a disc is in the tray. While the disc isn’t damaged by the grinding sound, the Xbox One wouldn’t identify that a disc was inserted.

Instead users are greeted with a message that reads, “Sorry, we can’t play this disc.”  There is also a message prompting users to insert an Xbox One or other media disc.

The errors have resulted in some poor reviews on Amazon and buyer rage at the faulty consoles.

Microsoft informed everyone that these issues were isolated to a small number of consoles. Unlike PlayStation 4’s issues, no troubleshooting guides were offered for users to take care of it themselves.

As a result they have the option of turning it into Microsoft to be repaired or returning it to Amazon or the store they got it from for a replacement.

The first option is the least immediate of the two as it would take some time to fix a console when there’s many others to take care of, so if you’re experiencing issues it’s best to get it back to your store. If users chose to have a replacement, it’s been reported that there is a $499 hold on their card’s account until the damaged Xbox One is returned to them.

It’s important to remember that with any large launch of technology there’s bound to be some lemons in the bunch.  Also, if you gauge your purchase potential on Amazon reviews, be sure to use confirmed buyer reviews.

The PlayStation 4 saw some bad reviews as well and some were obviously from people who didn’t purchase the console. The same is true for the Xbox One.

Have you gotten a bad Xbox One? Are you one of the lucky ones currently enjoying it? Let us know below!

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