Sony Addresses Concerns Over Terms of Use For Used Games Days Before PlayStation 4 Launch

PlayStation 4

Last week Sony had to deal with concerns about what the PlayStation 4 console—which launches later this week—will and won’t do when it comes to media. This week concern comes in the form of something Microsoft had to deal with on their upcoming Xbox One console—used games.

The updated terms of use for the European PlayStation Network led many to believe that used physical game would be blocked.

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida was quick to jump on the issue. “If you are concerned about our new European TOS, we confirm that you are able to sell or share your disc PS4 products, including in EU,” he said in a tweet.

This keeps in line with what the company promoted at E3 2013 which got a great response. Sony even going as far as mocking Microsoft’s then complicated method of sharing and playing used games by making a video showing how game sharing would be done on the PlayStation 4.

Of course, Microsoft has stepped away from their original approach to the whole thing when it sunk in that gamers weren’t feeling it and went back to the more conventional, flexible stance on used games.

The confusion came in with the phrasing of the updated terms of use in relation to players’ rights to the software. The terms state that it is licensed and not sold to players meaning that users do not own the software and can’t do as they wish with it.

This has been in since PlayStation and the other game companies have similar phrasing as a legal block for piracy. The confusion comes into focus considering that this piece of the terms of use have never been enforced when it comes to selling games to different outlets or directly through different means such as Amazon or eBay.

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