Sony Execs To Give Up $10M in Bonuses for 2013

Sony Execs To Give Up $10M in Bonuses for 2013

It’s no secret that Sony has been doing pretty bad all around as far as sales are concerned. The PS3 has picked up steam after price drops and of course with new games being released. It looks that the company is back in the black and are looking to the future to make more money to really stabilize their financial health—which isn’t exactly surprising.

What is surprising is that Sony CEO Kaz Hirai and 39 other Sony execs will be giving up their bonuses. Last year it was only seven, so this looks is obviously a greater gesture. The measure will save $10M which isn’t much compared to the $403M that Sony is looking forward to for the 2013 fiscal year. This could be shown in good faith to shareholders who have sat by as the company has been bleeding for some time.

Sony will announce their March 2012-March 2013 results early this month as well as their goal for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. Sony’s performance should be better this year with the Xperia Z, PlayStation 4, and more devices coming out this year.

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