Colossal Sony Pictures Hack Now Includes Important Information

Colossal Sony Pictures Hack Now Includes Important Information

Things continue to escalate for Sony Pictures as of late following the big cyber attack last week. Word has hit that hackers also managed to lift personal data and information.

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That weekend it was revealed that hackers leaked the watermarked copies of several new Sony Pictures features to multiple torrent sites. These copies are generally used for screening purposes before national release.

It has since been revealed that the group performing the attack is called #GOP (Guardians of Peace), but its origin hasn’t been revealed. 

Included in the information leak are passwords to company computers, social media accounts, credit cards, and some 47,000 Social Security numbers of past and present Sony Pictures talent (actors, directors) and staff in addition to addresses, phone numbers, and salaries. According to reports, the attack netted information dating back to 2000.

Four Hackers Charged With 18 Counts of Theft and More

With several days to digest and sift through the events it has been revealed via Buzzfeed that Sony Pictures didn’t do the best job of protecting their internal information. In addition to a lack of encryption, some important files had names that pretty much told prying eyes or eyes they were meant for what the file contained.

Sony Pictures’ belief that North Korea had a hand in the cyber attack comes from the North Korean government vowing to strike back if the U.S didn’t cancel showings of the upcoming film The Interview. Starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, the film has a plot of two reporters tasked by the CIA to assassinate the country’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un who happens to be a fan of the reporter’s show.

As a result of the breach hitting employees and former employees personal information, Sony Pictures says it will offer a year of free fraud protection and credit monitoring.

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