Sony Pictures Heading Towards Settlement In Hack Damages

Sony Pictures Heading Towards Settlement In Hack Damages

In the wake of 2014’s megahack that spilled company internal correspondence, films, and personal information, Sony Pictures seems close to tying up some legal loose ends with former employees. It’s the employees’ personal information—social security numbers and so on—that are at the center of this pending class action suit.

The specifics of the settlement weren’t released, but Sony and the plaintiffs did ask for the certification stage to sit on the back burner for 45 days while everything is confirmed for the settlement.

The aftermath of the hack would go beyond the obvious legal consequences that would come Sony’s way. Executive Amy Pascal stepping down from her position and revelation on what some inside the company thought of making more Adam Sandler films. You also had private documents are still floating around and being leaked, the company’s internal thought process on making a hit film, and of course the obvious ridicule from the internet.

The main thing that should be taken from this whole ordeal for Sony is to make sure your company’s security is more secure than Fort Knox. If you can’t put more than is needed into security things can get costly both financially and PR-wise.

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