Spain is The Largest Importer of Iranian Saffron

Spain is The Largest Importer of Iranian Saffron

According to the published statistics by Iran Saffron National Council, Spain is the largest importer of Iranian saffron. This county is also the largest exporter of this product.

Manoucheri, the speaker and secretary of Iran Saffron National Council explains the reason of this enigma. “Iranians saffron is priced at $2000 per kilogram. Spanish companies buy this product from Iranian sellers at the low price, and then they pack it in their own brands and sell the same saffron for $4000 to $5000 per kilogram.”

During the first three months of new Persian year, Iranian saffron exports grew 323% valued to $70 million. Spanish firms spent around $10 million for importing saffron from Iran. China, Emirates, Italy, Saudi Arabia and India are the other major markets for Iranian saffron.

The total annual production of saffron in Iran is more than 250 tons which worth around 6250 billion Rials. The number accounts for 95% of produced saffron in world. This has made Iran the largest producer of this product. Iranian saffron is exported to more than 46 countries worldwide.

Saffron has traditionally been known as having healing properties and used as a medicinal herb. Several modern research studies have also hinted that the spice has possible anti-carcinogenic (cancer-suppressing), anti-mutagenic (mutation-preventing), immunomodulating, and antioxidant-like properties.

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