Sprint Challenges AT&T With DirecTV One Year Free Service Promotion

Sprint Challenges AT&T With DirecTV One Year Free Service Promotion

Now sitting in the fourth place position nationally, Sprint is looking to take on one of the top two telecom titans in AT&T with a deal that will see DirecTV subscribers pick up a year of free cell service if they jump to their network.

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Until September 30th, subscribers would get a few goodies that are pretty much standard if you’re making such a deal: unlimited text and talk and 2GB of data. AT&T brought DirecTV into its family last month and has given customers $500 a line if they jump to AT&T.

For DirecTV customers who jump to Sprint, they will be looking at a $36 activation charge. After a year, they are put into a $50 month plan to pay off their handset. Customers already with Sprint can simply add a new line onto their existing plan with the network.

Both Sprint and AT&T commented on the promotion. Sprint said that DirecTV subscribers shouldn’t be tied to AT&T just because it owns their TV provider. Meanwhile AT&T called the promotion desperate and will stick with its current offer.

Anyone interested and want to get in on the Sprint-DirecTV deal, will need to upload their recent DirecTV bill to Sprint’s site or visit a store with a bill.

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