Sprint Looking To Save Money By Making Cuts To Benefits and Programs

Sprint Looking To Save Money By Making Cuts To Benefits and Programs

There is a chase by Sprint to free up expenses with a couple of cuts here and there. The Wall Street Journal got its hands on a company memo that mentioned a snack program was getting chopped in addition to the free bottled water and yogurt that were offered. The cuts in this area would give the company $600,000.

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The goal of the cuts seems to be $2.5 billion, so there’s a long way to go and it looks like the cut benefits, potential layoffs, and potential selling off of stores will dent that more than ending a snack program and some free water and snacks.

On a larger, more concerning level benefits are taking a hit as employees are looking at severance pay being slashed and a slow down on raises. This is grim sounding news considering that earlier in the year, Sprint pushed for expansion by picking up space in RadioShack stores.

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure said that execs would be affected by benefit cuts as well as limos are getting the axe. How reassuring this is to employees who jobs could be cut in a few months remains to be seen.

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