Statistical Centre of Iran Talks About Unemployment Rate

The head of Statistical Centre of Iran, Adel Azar, said the definition of the unemployed person in Iran is the same as the definition by International Labour Organization. Everyone works one hour a week and earn money via his job is called employed.

“According to this definition the unemployment rate in Iran was 13.2% in 1389 and the total number of unemployed people was 3.2 million persons. Base on the same definition the number of unemployed people reduced to 2.8 million persons.” Adel Azar said.

He also said Statistical Centre of Iran collect the information of employed and unemployed people in every seasons according to the standards defined by International Labour Organization.

“Statistical Centre of Iran only collects information and this centre does not analyze data.” Azar told reporters.

Previously Dariush Ghanbari, Member of Parliament and Member of Labors Fraction in Majlis, said most of the employment rates in Iran are wrong and they are deceiving.

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