Streaming Services Will Be Observed By Nielsen

Streaming Services Will Be Observed By Nielsen

According to The Wall Street Journal, popular streaming service Netflix will have its programs observed by Nielsen which measures ratings for programs. Nielsen is deep into a new program that will help it observe the viewer performance of not only Netflix, but Hulu and Amazon Prime.

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So far the Nielsen is sitting on around 1,000 shows worth of data. The process started in the winter to do the heavy lifting for large studio when it came to finding out how their revenue and viewership is affected by streaming.

In the case Netflix, the company totally drops the ad aspect of broadcasting and allows for viewers to watch what they wish. With Hulu commercials are shorter and generally fewer compared to TV, but the service offers the same freedom to watch whatever for subscribers. Both make streaming an alluring alternative to viewing shows on TV outside of being able to view shows live.

So far the data collected by Nielsen includes core gender and age demographics and are looking to include more specific information including for streaming overseas and mobile.

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