Superman At 75

Superman At 75

Warner Bros. Entertainment and DC Entertainment will be giving the Man of Steel a new logo for his 75th anniversary. The logo features a silhouette of Superman with his blue and red colors and a caption saying “75 Years.” The debut of the new logo will be on the issue of Superman Unchained which hits shelves on June 12. The issue is being handled by co-publisher Jim Lee and writer Scott Snyder. There will also be a special animated short produced by Zach Snyder and bits of it will be viewable at the San Diego Comic-Con in July. The full project will debut later this summer.

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According to Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara, the new logo is only a piece of a long running celebration of all the good parts Superman in comics, radio, cartoon, games, and film. One of the big parts of this celebration is the new Man of Steel film set to debut in a little over a week from now.

Tsujihara stated of the celebration, “We are proud to commemorate this milestone with exciting entertainment across the entire Studio and across the globe, ensuring this enduring icon reaches new generations of audiences.”

Superman made his debut in Action Comics issue one in June 1938 and was created in Cleveland, Ohio by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. His adventures through the ink and paints of many famous comic book writers and artists throughout the 75 years have seen have seen him face death, find love, take on foe and after foe, and even face off against allies. There was simply no shortage of excitement when it came to The Man of Steel.

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I always considered myself an Image Comics and Marvel Comics fan when it came to American comics (Wolverine, Taskmaster, and Spider-Man are my favorites from Marvel and Spawn from Image). Beyond Batman, Lobo, and Wonder Woman DC never interested me and Superman always seemed overpowered and white bread. He has roughly all the power in the world—he’s incredibly strong, can survive in space, he’s incredibly fast, he can fly, he has heat and X-Ray vision, a ridiculous lung capacity, he has super hearing, and he’s extremely intelligent. We won’t even go into his fighting style. Sure he has weaknesses, but supervillains aren’t exactly purchasing kryptonite off Amazon and eBay and how often is Supe going to flying to a galaxy with a red sun knowing what it does to him?

With that said, I have enjoyed Superman to some degree. While it’s rarely been via his comics, he does entertain. I enjoyed Superman in the more recent DC Animated Universe and the old 1940s cartoons. His 1990s cartoon wasn’t worth watch and the game based on the cartoon—Superman 64—was several flavors of awful with a “Why did you do this?” topping. As a matter of fact, there’s never been a good Superman game and you’d be pushing for a decent one. In television and movies I’ve always enjoyed the Man of Steel. I loved the TV series from the 90s, thought Christopher Reeves as Superman was tremendous, and I even enjoyed Superman Returns.

You heard me. I enjoyed Superman Returns.

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Where it truly matters are the comics. In the universe wide crossovers I like Superman. He’s not as dull. My favorite portrayal of Supe is from Frank Miller’s (Sin City, DKR, and DK2) The Dark Knight Returns from 1986 and The Dark Knight Strikes Again from 2001. Both featured Superman being controlled by Lex Luthor, doing the bidding of a corrupt government, and coming off as an unwilling foil to former partner Batman who was going no holds barred against the government with his own team of heroes.

What are some of your favorite interpretations of the Superman mythos in film, TV, and comics? Are you looking forward to Man of Steel hitting theaters in a few days?

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