T-Mobile began testing 4G LTE network

T-Mobile began testing 4G LTE network

Reports by OpenSignal.com suggest T-Mobile began testing its new 4G LTE network in several cities including: Las Vegas, New York, Kansas City, Denver, Seattle, San Diego, New Orleans, Las Vegas and the San Francisco Bay Area.

T-Mobile’s unofficial network’s activity was first noticed by OpenSignal with the help of a mobile app that gathers data speeds and other diagnostics, the spike in activity is probably due to the infrastructure testing by T-Mobile’s network engineers as the official launch gets closer.

The report indicates that several handsets are being tested along with the 4G LTE network. According to OpenSignal, the mobile app shows activity from the BlackBerry’s Z10, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the Galaxy S3, the and the Galaxy S4 which is still unreleased.

The speeds collected by OpenSignal seem promising, about 8Mbps upload, 25Mbps download and 40ms latency, keep in mind that the data logged included only a tiny section on a network that is still under progress.

We can expect T-Mobile to talk a little more about its 4G LTE network at the big New York event T-Mobile is planning next week.

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