T-Mobile’s Binge On Service Sees More Content Providers Jump On Board

T-Mobile's Binge On Service Sees More Content Providers Jump On Board

T-Mobile is adding more services and content providers to Binge On with content from Google Play Music, Radio Disney, NBC, Spotify, Tidal, and Universal. Those are simply the name services from big companies, there are also lesser known services that were added.

Overall, T-Mobile says that Binge On has racked up 377 million hours of video content that didn’t hit user data caps. Binge On was introduced last year with the condition that users would only be able stream in 480p on a three month plan. Those numbers show that even though the 480p wasn’t ideal in 2015—and yes, now—people are making taking to Binge On.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere promoted Binge On and how people have taken to it, but made sure to attack competitors AT&T and Verizon’s mobile streaming options. “I hope Dumb and Dumber just keep pushing their mobile video schemes, it just gives consumers more and more reason to come to T-Mobile,” Legere said in the release.

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