iOS 10 Causing T-Mobile Users To Lose Network Access

iOS 10 Causing T-Mobile Users To Lose Network Access

It seems there is a significant glitch with iOS 10 that causes the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and SE to all lose connectivity with T-Mobile’s network. The carrier is warning against installing the update if iPhone users haven’t yet.

If users want connectivity to the network back, they have to restart the iPhone. Obviously this isn’t a preferred or permanent fix, but T-Mobile VP Neville Ray says that Apple knows of the update flaw and is currently working on a fix. Expect the fix over the weekend.

September hasn’t been a great month of mobile manufacturers even though several companies—including Apple—have announced upcoming smartphones and devices. On the bright side for Apple, their September is significantly better compared to Samsung which dealing with exploding batteries in its recently released Galaxy Note 7 smartphone resulting in a recall.

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