T-Mobile Prepaid Services Offering Free Access to Facebook

T-Mobile Prepaid Services Offering Free Access to Facebook

In the past, Facebook has accommodated users on carriers that didn’t have data plans. T-Mobile seeks to do the same for their own customers in the case that they don’t have monthly plans.

The service will be part of T-Mobile’s GoSmart Mobile prepaid service and will include Facebook and Facebook Messenger in January. The plan is defaulted at talk-only for $25, $30 for talk and text, and $45 for unlimited. It should also be noted that the speeds will be slower than a data plan.

While users can access Facebook and Facebook Messenger, they won’t be allowed to access other sites on the GoSmart plan.

T-Mobile looked to advance from its #4 spot by scrapping contracts and device prices that are commonplace. Promoting itself as the “uncarrier” garnered T-Mobile some strong press, but was still unable to advance.

Offering Facebook for free could very well help T-Mobile draw in more customers. That said, T-Mobile’s GoSmart Facebook offering will see competition not only for other mobile services, but desktop and wifi. It’s wifi that proves the bigger threat as it offer access to Facebook either at home or for free at most public businesses—especially in dense city areas

Either way, it’s a win for Facebook who have seen the mobile platform out perform PC.

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