Tajikistan’s Ambassador to Tehran : We May Buy Iranian Crude Oil in Future

Dolat Ali Hatamov Tajikistan’s ambassador to Tehran announced his country may buy Iranian crude oil in near future .

“The most parts of Tajikistan oil curde demands , Met by Russia but we have negotiated with Iranian officials to import Iranian crude oil,” Dolat Ali Hatamov said in a press conference held in the capital Tehran on Thursday .

Referring to the 5-km Anzab tunnel project jointly underway by Iran and Tajikistan, Hatamov said that the Islamic Republic has achieved a 90 percent progress in constructing the tunnel that will, upon completion, connect Dushanbe to Khujand in northern Tajikistan .

Tajik officials also emphasized the necessity of building a pipeline between Iran and Tajikistan in order to transfer oil from Iran .

Recently Iran applied oil sanctions on England and France . According to this embargo , Iran cut the oil exports to these countries .

Iran’s crude oil will may be cheaper in future and this makes good opportunity for countries like Tajikistan .

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