“Target The Mortad”, Iran Develops a Game Against Shahin Najafi

Iran Develops a Game Against Shahin Najafi

“Target The Mortad” is the name of the new game developed by Iran against Shahin Najafi, who released a song insulting Imam Hadi.

“Those who love Imam Hadi can practice killing Shahin Najafi by playing this flash game.” Honar Nab Eslam which developed this game announced officially. “The main intention of this game is showing the hatred of Iranians against this filthy singer.” The director of this establishment said.

On May 9, 2012 Iranian singer, Shahin Najafi, released a song named “Naghi”. He pointed out to some of the Iran’s society problems tweaking Imam Hadi. This job causes several reactions. Ayatollah Lotfollah Safi Golpaygani who is an Iranian Twelver Shia Marja and Muslim religious leader issues a new decree about people insulting Imams especially Shahin Najafi. In his statement those insult Imams are Mortad and they should be killed by Muslims. Base on this decree, a campaign started in order to find and kill this rapper resides in Germany.

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