Target To Roll Out Movie Streaming Service

Target To Roll Out Movie Streaming Service

Major retailer Target will be entering the streaming movie arena with their new Target Ticket service. Target Ticket will feature a variety of hit films as well as films dating back to the turn of the 20th century.

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While this particular arena is crowded with Amazon’s Instant Video, Netflix, Walmart’s Vudu, HuluPlus, iTunes, and Redbox Instant, Target Ticket is looking to present one thing that these services don’t—the Redcard. The Redcard gives potential movie purchasers a discount of five percent on all films. Sure, it’s not the thing to have you dump your favorite streaming service, but some might find it intriguing.

Target Ticket will use Common Sense Media to assist parents in monitoring and controlling what children are allowed to watch. The filters included even allow for a parent to remove movies and programs depending on content. For the longest it has been the big three for parents to run with: violence, adult content, and adult language. With Target Ticket and Common Sense Media, parents can delve deeper and target content such as drug use and more.

Selecting the streaming service to stick with or try out comes down to the content library and the pricing ultimately. When it comes to the library, Target Ticket has the stock hit shows and movies as does most of the services. There is a price tag of $2.99 for popular shows and $34.99 for seasons. That’s a dollar more than offered by Amazon Instant Video for one standard definition episode and more for a season, but roughly on point with HD versions.

Overall, the pricing isn’t that out there compared to competitors, but when you can get unlimited movies and shows if you’re a Netflix, HuluPlus, or Amazon Prime member things get a little hairy for Target Ticket.

There’s probably some gold in Target’s new service and they could definitely get those few Target shoppers who are passing by a display for Target Ticket, but the company would really need to sweeten the pot and deliver some enticing advertising if they’re looking to compete with the mentioned streaming media services.

Target Ticket goes live this fall.

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