The App Store Brings In $1B During Holidays, $20B For 2015

The App Store Brings In $1B During Holidays, $20B For 2015

Last holiday season saw Apple take the honor of having the most activated devices on Christmas with 49-percent, down 2-percent from 2014. The holiday season also proved profitable for Apple with $1.1 billion customer dollars going to apps. This marks another one billion milestone for the company as they crossed the one billion threshold in iOS device sales early last year.

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Overall the App Store outperformed its 2014 take which saw the digital market bring in $15 billion and brought in over $20 billion last year. Of that $20 billion, Apple will take over $6 billion in revenue. As is usually the case with App Store performance, it was apps with subscription based services and popular games with in-app purchases that drove sales.

Every year brings new mobile titles that include expect hits and unexpected hits that make millions and result in millions of downloads on both major mobile operating systems. Not only that, but services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go are guaranteed to perform as they always have, but more networks are bringing in their own streaming apps for exclusive content. Needless to say, 2016 looks to be interesting for Apple and the App Store’s performance.

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