The F-15 Fighting Falcon Crashed in Tabuk

An official of the Ministry of Defense announced an aircraft of Royal Saudi Air Force crashed on a training mission in the north-west region of Tabuk on Saturday evening.

The aircraft was an F-15 Fighting Falcon. The pilot was able to jump out and survived from this event. Air Force has opened investigation files to determine the causes of the crash.

On 29 December 2011, the United States signed a $29.4 billion Deal to sell 84 F-15s in the SA (Saudi Advanced) configuration. The sale includes upgrades for the older F-15s up to the SA standard and related equipment and services. “The United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have signed a government-to-government agreement under the Foreign Military Sales program to provide advanced F-15SA combat aircraft to the Royal Saudi Air Force,” White House spokesman Joshua Earnest said in a statement.

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