The FCC Will Make Telemarketing Complaint Data Public

The FCC Will Make Telemarketing Complaint Data Public

The FCC doesn’t take too kindly to people being harassed or bothered by telemarketing efforts–or rather they don’t take too kindly to getting complaints from people being bothered. As a matter of fact they receive a good amount of complaints about the practice. Like the FTC and in-app purchases, complaints reached the point where the FCC was bound to take action.

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The Commission’s plan is to release weekly reports on how often they complaints are made and where the offending numbers come from. It is the Commission’s hope that it will result in service providers taking steps to combating robocalls and aggressive telemarketing both in the form of blocking features and actively fielding things on their end.

There are frontline means to block telemarketers in app form, features, and in practice. Users can simply not answer unfamiliar numbers, pick up dialers, and block numbers. The problem with dialers and blocking is that it requires users to answer calls that might be spam callers so that they know if they’re telemarketers in the first place.

The FCC’s documenting approach will include the date and time of calls, caller ID, the kind of message received, and the state the complaint originated. The Commission’s data so far is available as a spreadsheet here.

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