The Movie Weekend


The Movie Weekend

Looking for something to do this weekend? Why not hit up the movies? It’s the summer movie season which means there are plenty of blockbuster films in the theaters and on the way. We’ll take a look at what’s out this week and what looks to be worth seeing.

New This Week

This week once again has a higher amount of limited/local release films. These films might be out in certain regions or even buried by the more advertised films out now. One such film—American Maryis really the only new film out this week that caught my attention and it came out almost a year ago for the Film4 FrightFest film festival. The bigger films out this week are the M. Night Shyamalan-directed sci-fi flick After Earth and the heist film Now You See Me.

After Earth stars father-son team Will Smith and Jaden Smith and is about an exploration mission of Earth 1,000 years after humans left the planet to colonize elsewhere. In the time that humans left, Earth and animals were allowed to evolve naturally with human interference, technology, pollution and such. This results in an almost prehistoric environment for the duo’s—who are father and son with the father being a military type and the son being an independent cadet lacking discipline—arrival on Earth. As expected, they must survive and accomplish whatever the purpose of their mission is.

After Earth hasn’t been particularly well received. Maybe it’s Jaden Smith or the story or its a father-son team starring. Who knows?

Now You See Me is a heist movie where illusionists commit a series of bank robberies while performing. In heist film tradition, law enforcement officials or law enforcement force—in this case Interpol and the FBI—are after them. Could end up being a great movie to enjoy a bag of popcorn with, but on paper it doesn’t look unique or anything.

Shadow Dancer looks to be a good thriller/espionage film. You can rarely go wrong with those unless it flirts too closely with action. Shadow Dancer is about a family with all members of the IRA—the Provincial Irish Republican Army. Following a failed attack in London, the main character is arrested and given the choice of going to jail for 25 years or spying on her family for MI5.

American Mary is a horror film about a black market surgeon who once had a bright future in the medical field before being sexually assaulted by her mentor at a party. Her moral outlook changes and she leaves school to become a surgeon who takes on a variety of ethically suspect jobs, most of which are body modification jobs.

Here’s everything that is new this week.

After Earth (PG-13)
Now You See e (PG-13)
The East (PG-13)
Free Sample (unrated)
American Mary (R)
The Kings of Summer (R)
Shadow Dancer (R)
I Do (unrated)
Hannah Arendt (unrated)

What’s Hot

  1. Fast & Furious 6
  2. The Hangover Part III
  3. Star Trek Into Darkness
  4. Epic
  5. Iron Man 3
  6. The Great Gatsby (2013)
  7. Mud
  8. The Croods
  9. 42
  10. Oblivion

Swift’s Picks: Going outside of the usual safe picks of Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Fast & Furious 6, I’ll say go see American Mary and Shadow Dancer—if they’re in your local theater that is. These two are the films that actually stood out to be worth the admission and not a gamble at all. American Mary simply has an interesting script and will satisfy both couples going out for a “scary movie” and the gore hounds. Having seen this one already I can say that while it isn’t a standout blockbuster with a big budget and while it won’t top the Box Office, it’s still good, gory film.

Shadow Dancer is a well-received movie with a strong, deep story. Between this and American Mary I’d say this one is more digestible for all crowds. If you’re looking for something bigger and exciting, but new you have After Earth to go with. If you want something that might be exciting and intriguing there’s Now You See Me. Between the two the ill received After Earth looks the most interesting.

That’s all for this week! Get out there, beat the rush, and enjoy the movies!

Starting with Kabir News in 2013, James has focused on tech, gaming, and entertainment. When not writing, he enjoys catching up on sci-fi and horror shows and comics. He can be followed on Twitter @MetalSwift.

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