The Movie Weekend For 5/12-5/18

The Movie Weekend For 5/12-5/18

This will be a pretty show preview of movies for the weekend as there really isn’t much coming out that isn’t select theaters. The main thing to go see is Star Trek: Into Darkness (rated PG13). Beyond that film—which should be tremendous—you have a hodge podge of stuff that is mainly unrated or R rated coming out today. Of course there’s the movies that are already out such as Iron Man 3, The Great Gatsby, and Pain & Gain to name a few of the more notable films. Let’s see what exactly is coming out today.

Out This Week

Black Rock (rated R) is essentially a survial/thriller film about three women who have survive on an island against two hunters and former military men. I won’t get into how they got on the island or why they’re fleeing their pursuers. I will mention that the film might be triggering to some due to a rape scene in it. Other than that, you’re looking at film that will give you quite a few refridgerator questions afterwards. If you want a “been there, done that” action film—believe it or not, there are some who just want to know what the chase is and how to cut to it—Erased (rated R) might we worth a ticket and popcorn for you.

What Else Is New

State 194 (rated PG)
Frances Ha (rated R)
Pieta (unrated)
The English Teacher (unrated)
Aurangzeb (unrated)
Augustine (unrated)
33 Postcards (unrated)
Becoming Traviata (unrated)

The Box Office

Iron Man 3 is still dominating the box office followed by The Great Gatsby and Pain & Gain in $5M and above club. Following up in order after Pain & Gain are Tyler Perry Presents Peeples, 42, Oblivion, The Croods, Mud, The Big Wedding, and bringing up the rear Oz The Great and Powerful.

Swift Picks

My picks for this week would be Iron Man 3 if you want a tremendous movie and don’t want to take too big of a gamble, Star Trek Into Darkness if you want that big, epic movie experience and again don’t want to risk being disappointed, and The Great Gatsby. These three are guaranteed not to disappoint.

If you’re feeling adventurous, Oz The Great and Powerful and Oblivion are solid movies that won’t see you simply throwing your money away and blowing an hour and a half. Pain & Gain is a good “been there, done that” action film. In a similar vein, Assault on Wall Street is worth checking out.

There’s your movie weekend, enjoy!


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