The Next Big Step For Amazon? The Skies Via Drones

The Next Big Step For Amazon? The Skies Via Drones

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently revealed on a 60 Minutes segment about the shopping season that the company had big plans for the future of shipping for Amazon Prime members: Amazon Prime Air.

The company will make use of drones—or rather “octocopters”—to deliver packages under 5 pounds in under 30 minutes. The catch is that Amazon Prime members would have to live 10 miles or so from one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers (distribution hubs).

The main issue preventing the service from getting off the ground as early as next year is air space rules. While Bezos put a time window of 4 or 5 years on the service being major, active thing for Amazon, with all the legal and permissions handled with the FAA that window couple be closed to a more immediate time.

The addition of air delivery to Amazon’s popular annual $79 premium service would give the company even more room to stretch its limbs given that brick and mortar stores probably wouldn’t jump on it.

If Amazon Prime Air took off with little fault—no dropped packages, no carriers shot down, no one hurt by falling packages—octocopters that could carry heavier packages greater distances would be possible.

Would you be interested in using Amazon Prime Air? Do you see the service getting legs and becoming a major element of Amazon Primes alongside their shipping offers and Instant services? Take to the comments and let us know.

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