The Next iPhone Could Replace Touch ID with 3D Facial Recognition

The Next iPhone Could Replace Touch ID with 3D Facial Recognition

It looks as though Apple’s next iPhone could have 3D facial recognition as the method to unlock the screen, according to a report from MacRumors. Facial recognition unlock would work the same as usual: look at the front-facing camera, the phone recognizes your face (thanks to a 3D laser scanner), and the phone unlocks. The difference here seems to be that 3D facial recognition will be the sole method and that Touch ID is being scrapped.

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The new feature adds to another change for the next iPhone with the home button being scrapped as the phone takes on an edge-to-edge display approach. At the moment it appears that Apple is working with a lot of different ideas to make the eight generation smartphone truly different from the last couple of phones.

One of the last changes—dropping the earphone port and going with AirPods—came off a shocker for most and wasn’t viewed favorably initially. It’s unknown how this change will be viewed until it’s confirmed Apple will run with this as the sole way to open the iPhone, if it will be the primary method and Touch ID will be offered as an alternative, or if the two methods will be used in tandem.

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