The Real Unemployment Rate in Iran’s Gilan Province is More than 25%

The Real Unemployment Rate in Iran's Gilan Province is More than 25

Mohammad Hossein Ghorbani, Majlis Representative from Astaneh Ashrafieh, believes the formal unemployment rate announced for Gilan province of Iran is a fake number. He says the real unemployment rate in this province is calculated more than 25 percent. “According to my studies, Im sure this rate is more than 25%.”

“Rice is the commodity of Gilan province and it has the main role in Gilan’s economy. Iranian government has faux and false policies about importing rice from other countries including Pakistan and India. If they don’t stop this high rate of rice importation, Gilan’s economy will be destroyed in soon future.” Mohammad Hossein Ghorbani criticized Iran’s importation policies.

Gilan Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It lies along the Caspian Sea, just west of the province of Mazandaran, east of the province of Ardabil, north of the provinces of Zanjan and Qazvin. Base on National Census 2006 the total population of Gilan was 2,404,861 people.

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