The Rifleman Testifies Against Bulger

The Rifleman Testifies Against Bulger

Another blockbuster witness in Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi testified that James “Whitey” Bulger had a relationship with a 16-year girl. Deborah Hussey—who once traveled to Mexico with Bulger—was the daughter of Flemmi’s common-law wife. According to Flemmi, Hussey was later strangled by Bulger. Flemmi then buried her in a South Boston basement during January 1985.

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During cross-examination Bulger’s defense attorney Hank Brennan questioned Flemmi’s supposed sexual relationship with Deborah Hussey. Flemmi stated, “You want to talk about pedophilia—right over there at that table.” He admitted to having sex with Hussey twice and said it occurred in a “moment of weakness”.

The issue of Deborah Hussey and the line of questioning from Brennan left Flemmi uncomfortable and agitated. The range of questions went from Flemmi pulling teeth to prevent identification of Hussey’s corpse and his background with the woman whom he raised from a toddler with her mother Marion. Deborah was raised as Flemmi’s daughter with the three other children whom the mobster and Mario had.

Flemmi said that he was embarrassed after having sex Deborah which he asserted was consensual in nature and declined to bring it up when he brokered a deal to testify against Bulger. In a heated line of questioning from Hank Brennan The Rifleman said that he and Bulger agreed that Hussey had to go as she had become an issue with the gang.

In detailing the events leading up to the murder, Flemmi said that they went shopping and that “She wasn’t aware she was going to be killed.’’

Kevin Weeks was up prior to Stephen Flemmi taking the stand and—along with Patrick Nee—was present at the murder although the two didn’t participate. He testified that while Bulger began choking the 26-year old Deborah Hussey, it was Flemmi who finished the job with a piece of rope. Flemmi denied Weeks’ recollection of the event.

He asserted that he would’ve been glad had Bulger called off the murder. He could have prevented it. All he had to do was say, ‘Pass,’ and I would have been so happy.’’

When Brennan asked if he tried to defend Hussey in the South Boston house, Flemmi said that Bulger was in total control, remaining consistent with what he and others said about Bulger’s grasp on the gang and his personality.

The other female victim, 26-year old Debra Davis, was Flemmi’s girlfriend. She was murdered since she knew that the two were working with the FBI. Brennan presented that she was actually looking to break off their relationship which Flemmi denied. He said he was unsure how Bulger killed her—whether she was strangled with his hands or choked with rope. Flemmi said that he covered up the murder by telling Davis’ family that she had flown out to Logan Airport and would have a P.I track her.

She is the only female victim in the 19 slayings Bulger is being accused of.

Bulger has denied any involvement in the murders and of being an FBI informant saying that he merely used corrupt FBI agent and childhood acquaintance John Connolly’s information.

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