There is Not Any Specific Prohibition of The Use of Social Network Websites For Iranian Footballers

Alireza Alipour, one of the officials in the Football Federation Islamic Republic of Iran, announced that there is not any specific prohibition of the use of social network websites such as Facebook and Twitter for the Iranian footballers playing in the local teams and clubs.

“Well, really we have not issued any decree or statement on this subject. Also we have not ever applied any restrictions for Iranian footballers on using social network websites. I have also read these rumors in the news papers but truly they are wrong and they are only rumors made by journalists.” He said in a live interview.

“But these players should follow the general rules that apply for the ordinary people in the society.” Alireza Alipour added.

Recently the Football Federation applied several limits on the players regarding many subjects and jobs and they have raised criticize against Federation. For example having tattoo on the body is not allowed and if anybody made tattoo, he will get suspended from the matches and games.

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