Time Warner Increases Internet Speeds In Austin As Google Fiber Looms

Time Warner Increases Internet Speeds In Austin As Google Fiber Looms

So what else does a large company do while making updates to its video sharing site and working on its wildly popular OS that has a large share of smartphones? It gives national cable companies a run for their money by branching out with its superior, twin lightning speed internet and push Wi-Fi to the masses.

While Google joined Comcast, Time Warner, and other major companies in the formation of WifiForward, that didn’t mean they would sit back and allow for the other companies to safety charge consumers inappropriately for adequate and below internet speed. With Google Fiber picking up more major cities, several markets that the company is cooperating with are sure to make moves to make their internet services more appealing in the face of 100 times faster internet.

This brings us to Time Warner which just merged with Comcast for $45 billion. Austin is one of the cities Google plans to bring Fiber to. To combat this, Time Warner will give its customers in the area a download speed boost.

For those hanging out at the $15 per month end of the pool their 2Mbps speed will be bumped to 3Mbps while those in the Ultimate pool paying $65 per month will see their 50Mbps speeds rise in the area of 300Mbps. Upload speeds won’t change for the $15 level while Ultimate will jump from 5Mbps to 20Mbps.

Time Warner intends to get the speeds to their customers by the fall while Google said that Fiber will be ready for customers this summer. In a press release, Austin VP of operations, Kathy Brabson, said that new speeds would be available throughout the Austin market and not just in certain neighborhood as is the case with Google Fiber.

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