Total Video Game Industry Spending Down 42%

Total Video Game Industry Spending Down 42%

The headline is right; NPD reports that gaming sales across the board, all companies, hardware, software, digital, etc. are down 42% from last month. Spending on gaming came out to a little over $495 million which down from over $657 million last year. Consoles and handhelds were really struck hard only getting $109.5 million combined. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console managed to keep the lead with a pretty low 130,000 consoles moved last month.

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The Xbox 360 managed a total of $208 million in consoles, games, add-ons, DLC, and memberships so it can’t look all that good for Nintendo and Sony. Nintendo is saying strong with great 3DS sales and continues to dominate the handheld game in the U.S even with spending on mobile games topping both the 3DS and the PS Vita. Nintendo stated that first-party sales are to thank with 2.1 million titles sold since the start of the year. This brings sales up 52% and in less time.

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It’s expected that business will pick up when more top tier titles are release. From our weekly Game Releases of the Week, only a few AAA titles get released at any time with a good deal of DLC and other titles rounding everything out. Also of note is Microsoft’s big Xbox announcement later this month and E3 which will definitely lead to a wave of preorders—granted the PS4 and the next Xbox are priced decently.

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