Turkey Closed its Embassy in Damascus

Turkey closed its embassy in Damascus on Monday because of the deteriorating security situation in Syria , according to Turkish diplomatic .

The source , who declined to be identified , said : “Turkish Embassy suspended the activities this morning (Monday) ,” adding that the entire crew Turkish diplomat had left the Syrian capital .

The same source added the Turkish Consulate General in Aleppo , the largest city in northern Syria , near the Turkish border is still open .

Many countries closed their embassies in Syria such as Italy , Spain , France , Britain and the Netherlands in addition to the United States and six Gulf states .

Its more than a year Syria is experiencing popular protests against unprecedented regime of Bashar al-Assad , who resort to violent repression .

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights more than nine thousand people has killed in acts of violence attributed to the groups of “terrorists” seeking to destabilize security in the country .

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