Turkey to Dominate The Region’s Egg Markets

Turkey to Dominate The Region's Egg Markets

Hedayat Asghari, the head of Iran’s Egg Producers’ League, criticized the policies of Iran’s Ministry of Industries and Mines about the export of eggs.

“We have a limited egg’s markets in our region so there is a tight competence between exporter countries to win these markets. Currently Afghanistan, Iraq and Tajikistan are the biggest importers of eggs in region and they have good markets for Iranian exporters. But India, Pakistan and Turkey are dominating these markets. In the recent two weeks Turkey has increased its prize for their eggs’ exporters from $10 to $13 per carton.” Hedayat Asghari said.

“We have negotiated with Ministry of Industries and Mines about exporting eggs to the mentioned countries, but the Ministry doesn’t cooperate with us in this way. Some policies of Ministry should be changed to help us find a market for our exporters. If they don’t act soon, we will lose the markets.” He criticized the Ministry.

Iran is one of the biggest producers of egg in the Middle East region. But the price of egg had been increased dramatically inside Iran in the recent months.

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