Twitch Desktop App Launches March 16th

Twitch Desktop App Launches March 16th

Twitch will be launching a desktop app to compliment its mobile offering. The app will feature video chat, voice chat, screen sharing, and other community tools.

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The desktop app is based on another gaming app called Curse, which was picked up by Twitch last year. What users are getting is an updated experience that will work within Twitch’s system and include its messaging system.

Twitch’s new app comes as the company is expanding into game downloading—which will be a feature in the desktop app. The app’s aim seems to be a catch-all experience for streamers, viewers, and players serving as a combination of the popular Discord or Slack apps, a marketplace for games, and allowing you to actually view streams.

The app could possibly extend Twitch’s formidable reach and it does put the service even higher above competitors such as YouTube Gaming, Microsoft’s Beam, Hitbox, and other streaming platforms. That said, it wouldn’t be surprising to see one of those platforms announce that it will release its own desktop offering.

If you’re interested in the Twitch desktop app, you’ll be able to check it out on March 16th here.


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