Twitch Introduces IRL Category

Twitch Introduces IRL Category

Twitch has added a game category called “IRL”—or “in real life”—for broadcasters who aren’t streaming gameplay or gaming related content and for viewers who are into seeing people go about their life or just talk.

The category is a throwback to now defunct older sibling of Twitch, That site was started by Justin Kan who began lifecasting in the spring of 2007 and spurred others to do the same on the site later in the year.

IRL comes following Twitch kicking off its Social Eating category earlier during the summer. That category lets viewers watch broadcasters as they eat. It’s a pretty limited category that doesn’t get much in the way of viewers so IRL should do well in the long run since it can include social eating and will probably absorb that category.

For broadcasters, IRL works just the same as assigning what game or event they are streaming meaning there’s nothing outside what they normally do to setup. At the moment there are a couple of streamers broadcasting on IRL so if you’re vaguely interested check it out.

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