Missouri-Area Twitch Broadcaster Streams Lyft and Uber Rides

Missouri-Area Twitch Broadcaster Streams Lyft and Uber Rides

A St. Louis-area Uber and Lyft driver was revealed to have live streamed most of the 700 rides he has given. The driver, Jason Gargac (32), streamed the rides on Twitch under the username JustSmurf. While Missouri doesn’t have a law against filming individuals without their consent, Gargac has on occasion accidentally revealed details about his riders.

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The driver said he has taken steps to hide sensitive content that could be clipped by the shadier viewers of his 4,350 followers. His channel is part of the IRL category which was added to Twitch in late 2016. The category has grown steadily with broadcasters finding new activities to hold viewers’ attention and grow subscribers. This can range from watching some paint to listening to them eat noisily to “remotely” riding along with them as they pick up fares.

Gargac isn’t the first to do this on Twitch nor is he the first to accidentally let information slip. He isn’t malicious towards his clients and enjoys what he’s doing while meeting new people. Sure there are parts of his chatroom that can be mocking and malicious. Most large streamers have that sewer element in their chat. That’s a job for a broadcaster’s moderators to handle.

No, his story is a thing mainly because of Missouri’s lax laws on recording consent and both Uber and Lyft’s lax approach in simply saying “Drivers have to obey local laws on this.”

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