Twitpic To Close Doors After Legal Threat From Twitter

Twitpic To Close Doors After Legal Threat From Twitter

Prior to Twitter making it easier to add pictures to tweets, Twitpic was the go to service—that is if users weren’t tweeting via a third party app. Even when Twitter improved upon images in tweets by allowing animated gifs, there were users who still used Twitpic. Unfortunately for those holdouts, Twitpic will be packing it up in late September after six years of operation.

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Twitpic founder Noah Everett said that things came down to a legal threat from Twitter. Since the company doesn’t have the means to take on Twitter for what could’ve be a long period, the company just decided to shut down. In a farewell blog post on the subject, the founder said that they’ve had a trademark floating about the USPTO since 2009 and haven’t been bothered since they launched in 2008.

It seems as though the matter could’ve been resolved by withdrawing the application, changing the company’s name, and reapplying. Even though it would probably be another five year wait, the company could’ve possibly continued providing their services since they would still have access to Twitter’s API.

Twitpic will be closing September 25th.

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