Twitter Being Approached For Purchase

Twitter Being Approached For Purchase

It appears that Twitter is in talks with several tech companies that could result in a sale. The currently interested parties include Google and cloud company Saleforces according to CNBC. Verizon is also being put out there as a potential buyer by TechCrunch. New York-based mobile carrier Verizon is also poised to purchase Yahoo.

Recently Twitter has introduced new features to improve user experience, keep users, and bring in new users. Even with the efforts growth of the social network has stalled while competitor Snapchat continues to grow. It’s the growth Snapchat has also prompted Facebook to take active steps in improving the site and dealing with Snapchat’s growth.

It’s said that companies approaching Twitter are more interested in data that platform gets from active users. This data can be used for advertising and other projects for the main company, but the platform has major power to inform and influence entertainment, purchases, social issues, and politics so the purchase of Twitter could be a big win for any company that manages to get it.

That said all of this could end up in purchase taking place so we’ll have to watch and see what develops.

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