Update: Nintendo NOT Making Educational Android Tablet

Twitter Leaks Point To Nintendo Exploring Educational Android Tablets

UPDATE: An update to last week’s Nintendo story, it appears that Nintendo aren’t focusing on an Android powered tablet for educational purposes. On top of that, Nintendo has said that there is no one by the name of Nando Monterazo working for Nintendo of America.

The original story is below.


It seems as though Nintendo is branching into the Android market. Via a couple of tweets on November 18, software engineer Nando Monterazo of Nintendo of America said that the legendary video game company has been exploring tablets.

Earlier this year Nintendo has discussed looking presenting some of its signature franchises on other devices leaving some to believe that Nintendo could end up bringing some of its titles to smartphones and tablets.

“Experimenting with a tablet of Nintendo, the system is based on android, fully modified and unified as a database of the tablet,” one tweet collected by Nintendo Everything stated.

Another tweet read, “At the moment just testing communication environment of educational games that will be shared between the kids using the tablet!”

With most things from technological and video games companies, there were expectations outside of what the mentioned device is specifically intended for. Monterazo touched on those expectations saying that, “Many people will be wondering if games ‘Nes’, ‘SNES’ or ‘Game Boy’ the tablet will not have these games, educational games only.”

While there won’t be any classic games on the proposed tablet, he did say that iconic Nintendo characters would be featured.

Think of something along the lines of English with Pikachu or counting with Yoshi.

Monterazo’s tweets were deleted shortly afterwards, but not before he informed everyone of the outcome for leaking such information. “Amazing how the internet is dangerous, in my excitement I released information that should not. Now I’m out of the project who liked!”

As expected, Nintendo didn’t comment on the tablet rumors.

Nintendo definitely has the memorable characters to easily crossover into the educational realm again. It would be much harder for Microsoft and Sony to do so with their first party characters and would result in them having to create some new ones—unless Sony wants to have an educational series with Crash Bandicoot.

While this is definitely a good thing to get kids hook on learning remember that the suggested tablets  are targeted towards a much younger audience and that they’re not going to even be comparable to lower end Android tablets. The tablets will be more like the Leap Frog series of tablets.

With that said, I leave you with Nintendo’s previous venture into educational gaming which misled many young gamers in the early 1990s–including yours truly.

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