Twitter Moments Makes Room For Explore Tab

Twitter Moments Makes Room For Explore Tab

If you’re on Twitter often you’ve probably noticed the Moments tab on the desktop and in the form of a lightning bolt on the mobile version. Twitter will be replacing that with the Explore tab.

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This new tab will feature trending topics and search at the forefront while Moments takes a backseat. Apparently Explore was around last fall, but I tend to pay more attention to Home and Notifications on the mobile version that anything else. You will also be able to see important live videos such as news, sports, etc.

So what does this mean to you Twitter experience? Unless you use stick to Home and Notifications it means very little. For users who check breaking news and events outside of the timeline—which does a great job at relaying breaking news and event coverage—Explore will be a good destination for them to everything in one place somewhat separate from the timeline. Basically the Explore tab is for users who regularly made use of Moments and trending topics anyway, but will now get more use because now search is there as well.

Expect Explore on Twitter iOS first and later on for the Android version.

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