Twitter Looks To Add More Ad Content To Users Timelines

Twitter Looks To Add More Ad Content To Users Timelines

If you frequent Twitter often, then you can expect to see more ads in your timeline this year. According to The New York Times the company announced plans to do so during a keynote address to investors.

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The details of the plan is that 5-percent of content in a timeline come from ad content—according to The Times—is the same amount Facebook seeks. In the case of Twitter this would be one tweet every 20 tweets.

This recently announced plan is only one of several that Twitter is pursuing to bring in more ad revenue. The most recent being that Twitter and Google will forge a working agreement that will see tweets promoted inside Google search results. Announced back January there’s Twitter’s approach to feature ads within the apps of established brands’ apps.

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The plan pales in scope to Tumblr’s attempt to bring in more revenue with their Creatrs program which would see the company sell artists’ work to interested brands and pick up revenue due to brands having to purchase ad space.

While adding more ads into user streams doesn’t exactly sound interesting, the volume the company is aiming for without the promoted tweets being intrusive is ambitious. That said, the year is young and Twitter is bound to come up with more methods to reel in revenue.

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