Game Over: You Can No Longer Play MS-DOS Games On Twitter

Game Over: You Can No Longer Play MS-DOS Games On Twitter

It appears that the Internet Archives attempt to bring joy to classic and retro gamers’ Twitter feeds has come to an end. Support for the feature that allowed users to embed MS-DOS games in their tweets was removed by the Archive.

Internet Archive Brings MS-DOS Games To Your Twitter Feed

It appears that by embedding games linking back to the Internet Archive there was some violation to Twitter’s rules on cards. Looking at the site’s guide on Twitter cards, it’s easy to see how the embedded games would lead to a violation given that the linked game wouldn’t fit into any category without tripping up on Twitter’s developers rules.

The closest that the embedded card comes to being in compliance with Twitter’s rule is as a player card. The specific rule broken by Internet Archive reads “Do not build end-to-end interactive experiences inside the video or audio player unrelated to Player Card content, such as the following: purchasing, gaming, polling, messaging, and data entry.” The guide does suggest using other cards for related experiences in the same rule.

The Internet Archive has yet to comment on if it will be taking a different approach to bringing MS-DOS or all of its cataloged games to Twitter.

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