Twitter Warns Users To Change Passwords

Twitter Warns Users To Change Passwords

Late last week, Twitter informed users that we should change their passwords. This came after the company found a bug that exposed user passwords. Twitter stated that it removed a number of non-encrypted passwords from the system and were developing a failsafe to avoid the issue in the future. 

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After such security issues arise, a company typically pursues an investigation to see if any damage was done. Twitter did the same and found no evidence of a breach or password theft. Just to be on the safe side, change your password anyway if you are a regular Twitter user. 

Chief Technology Officer Parag Agrawal ran into a bit of a faux pas when explaining that Twitter didn’t need to disclose the bug. In his words, the company did so to keep users informed and push users to take a role in the security of their accounts.  

As it is, users on any platform or service tend to hold on to a password for a while and will use the same password or a slight variation of it on different sites. It often takes security scares to move users to put some effort into changing the password—and picking a strong one. 

As a result, Agrawal dialed back his comments on Twitter needing to share news of the bug

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