Twitter Has Accountability Archive Project Politwoops Shutdown

Twitter Has Political Accountability Project Politwoops Shutdown

The Sunlight Foundation’s Politwoops was established in 2012 as a means to hold politicians accountable for their comments by saving tweets some politicians would prefer be dead and buried. After almost three years, Twitter had the Politwoops shutdown after initially allowing the project to continue operating.

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In a statement the Sunlight Foundation went into the history of Politwoops and dealing with Twitter on its operation back in 2012:

Days after Politwoops launched in 2012, Twitter contacted the Sunlight Foundation and told us, “Your service violates our API Terms of Service on a fundamental level.” We explained the goals of the project and agreed to create a human curation workflow to ensure that the site screened out corrected low-value tweets like typos, links and Twitter handles. We implemented this layer of journalistic judgment with blessings from Twitter and the site continued.

With that, the Sunlight Foundation said that it was disappointed in Twitter’s change and the breakdown in communication. In the time since 2012 Twitter’s policy has changed a few times—including in relation to the privacy of politicians. The Sunlight Foundation said that its job couldn’t be done without politician’s tweets, but that it would honor Twitter’s request and continue its job.


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