Twitter Introduces “Share Via DM” Button For iOS and Android

Twitter Introduces "Share Via DM" Button For iOS and Android

Have you ever wanted to share a tweet through your direct messages on Twitter? Is it something that even crossed your mind? If your answer to both were either “No” or “Not particularly” or “I really don’t care” well you’re not alone. At least I haven’t considered it or cared if I had the ability to do it, but Twitter is now allowing users to do so on its major apps.

The option to share via DM has been available on Android and iOS under the universal “Share” button at the top of the selections. The new button will cut out extra steps and will be located next to the “Like” icon—the heart—beneath a tweet. It works pretty much like it always has: select the users to send that tweet to and if you want, add a comment before sending it.

In addition to sending the tweet through DM, users will also be able to take advantage of the lax character limit in direct messages. I recently updated the Android app and didn’t notice the DM envelope icon at the moment, so it could be on its way later today.

Twitter Introduces "Share Via DM" Button For iOS and Android

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