Two Rockets Fired From Gaza Into Israel

Israeli police announced three rockets fired from Gaza into southern Israel on Sunday without causing injuries or damage. Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said: “A missile fired from Gaza landed on an uninhabited area near the city of Sderot this evening. There were no injuries or damage, “and added that the other two rockets landed at southern Israel near the city of Nytvuot earlier Sunday, and landed on the ground outdoors without causing any injuries or damage.

Two Palestinians were wounded in a missile fired by an Israeli drone aircraft while they were on a motorcycle in the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, according to Palestinian security sources, “An Israeli plane launched a rocket attack from south of the Gaza Strip.” The army spokeswoman said in an statement. Also Gaza health official Adham Abu Salmia confirmed the injury of two people in the strike.

Militant groups in Gaza frequently launch rockets into Israel but rarely inflict casualties. There are many small factions, and cease-fires reached by some do not mean others abide by them.

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