U.S Customs Confiscate $94,000 In Fake Hoverboards From China

U.S Customs Confiscate $94,000 In Fake Hoverboards

Bogus products are nothing new neither is taking a major manufacturer’s logo and branding said bogus products. Both are frowned upon and often action is taken to get those products off the shelves or stop them from hitting the country all together. This is the case U.S Customs scooping up off-brand hoverboards coming in to Miami.

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According to the Sun Sentinel, U.S Customs collected some 300 hoverboards priced at $94,000. The hoverboards came in from China and had the mentioned batteries with LG branding. The batteries were low quality and resulted in some of the hoverboards catching fire.

LG isn’t the only company having its name stamped somewhere on dodgy hoverboards. Last month U.S Customs reported that it took in over 440 hoverboards priced at $171,000 in Norfolk, Virginia. The batteries were once again low quality and branded as manufactured by Samsung. If the two smuggling busts are any indication and the many ports of entry for shipping on both major coasts, this looks to be a busy year for Customs.

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